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Athletix Products is the leader in providing the wellness and fitness markets with effective cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance products to keep facilities clean, healthy, and profitable.

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Fitness Facility Cleaning - Are You Using the

Do you know where and what germs are living and thriving on your gym equipment?


Contec, Inc.'s Elaine and Jim Smith, Taylor Smith

Contec, Inc.'s Elaine and Jim Smith, Taylor Smith Honored at Fundraising Professionals Luncheon.


Approving Equipment Manufacturers


For years, Athletix Products has been known for their innovative solutions to cleaning problems faced by fitness clubs and athletic facilities across the country. Backed by Contec’s 27 years of experience, Athletix Products has become a leader in manufacturing disinfecting and cleaning wipes to protect fitness equipment and gym patrons promoting health, wellness and fitness facility cleanliness.

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