About Us

For over twenty five years, Contec, Inc. began as a manufacturer of wipes and mopping systems used in high-tech cleanrooms of microelectronics, medical device, and pharmaceutical drug manufacturers. We created the first presaturated wipes for industrial use in 1991 for a medical device manufacturer. Since then, our product offering has grown to include innovative wipes and other products not just for the cleanroom markets, but also for the automotive OEM, aerospace, and now, the health, fitness, and wellness markets – with each line of products engineered to meet the specific considerations of each market.

The Athletix Products™ division of Contec is no different. It benefits from the resources of our own manufacturing facility, testing and development labs, and a development staff that includes chemists and textile and packaging engineers with over thirty years of experience in researching market needs and developing products in response to those needs. More importantly, in each of the markets we serve, we develop constructive relationships with leading companies that help to ensure the products we create are useful and effective for their intended purpose. In working with these companies, we often receive suggestions for new products, or improvements to existing products, which provide benefit to them and result in more effective products for the market in general.

This products-for-market approach, combined with the research and development resources of Contec, contribute to making Athletix Products a leader in providing the fitness market with effective cleaning and maintenance products to keep clubs clean, healthy, and profitable. To learn more about Contec, Inc., please visit the website.

Please direct questionnaire requests and general quality-related enquiries here.

Our Core Values

  • Respect for others in the organization.
  • Whatever it takes!
  • Integrity.
  • Tolerance for risk.
  • Understand that there is life outside of work.
  • Enjoy the ride!
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