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What's next in the Science of Clean?

This month’s cover image may seem a bit odd to some readers – no toned and fit club member, no new high-tech piece of equipment, not even a club owner with the latest advice - just a hand-wipe and some scientific formulae. It’s easy to wonder what it means and why it’s on the cover of Club Solutions.



Is your equipment maintenance program rustic?

Have you ever witnessed a copper-colored discoloration on equipment prior to working out, especially on a piece of aerobic equipment? If so, you have noticed unsightly corrosion/rust on fitness equipment. If not addressed during preventative maintenance, corrosion can result in expensive replacement parts, warranty claims, unscheduled maintenance, and in extreme cases, replacement of entire units!



Common Sense Approach To How To Clean Gym Equipment

In recent TV news features and magazine articles, we have learned of the threat from germs and bacteria in health clubs and gyms. Cleaning products make claims: “disinfects”, “sanitizes”, “kills germs”, and more. But what do these terms really mean? What do they have to do with your club? Does it relate to how to clean gym equipment?



Keeping Your Club Healthy

Recently, “PrimeTime Live” reported finding these germs on equipment in a health club: Staphylococcus, E, Coli, Candida, Diptheroids, and Streptococcus Viridans. Your members can unknowingly be carriers of these germs, and can transfer them onto equipment by skin contact, sweat, or by an item like a towel. There they can spread to other members...


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