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J&B Importers Now Selling GlobalBike Bike Cleaning Wipes

June 3, 2013 – Spartanburg, SC – Cycling distributor J&B Importers is now carrying globalbikeTM Wipes. This line of products changes the way cyclists maintain their chains, helps cyclists remove the dirt, sweat and grime of the road or trail, and aids bike shop owners and employees in their efforts to “keep a clean house”.

In January 2011, Athletix Products, a division of Contec, Inc., became a sponsor of globalbike, a non-profit organization that uses the transformative power of the bicycle to create positive social change. A year and a half later, this partnership has helped deliver more than 250 bikes to organizations in Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa. In an effort to give even more support to globalbike, Athletix Products is launching globalbike Wipes with part of the proceeds going to the globalbike mission.

The globalbike Wipes product line consists of three different types of specifically formulated presaturated wipes – globalbike™ CHAIN Wipes, globalbike™ BODY Wipes, and globalbike™ HAND AND TOOL Wipes.

“We are thrilled to be working with J&B on this new and exciting venture for Contec,” says Jack McBride, CEO of Contec, Inc. “This line of globalbike Wipes is convenient and easy to use, durable, and part of the proceeds benefits a great cause!  In partnering with J&B, we have a distributor with an unrivaled reputation for customer service, prompt delivery, and a reputation for bringing innovative new products to the cycling market."

globalbike™ CHAIN Wipes                                                                            
Quick and easy, presaturated globalbike CHAIN Wipes are an effective way to clean and lubricate a bike chain before or after riding. The wipe is made of a cellulose/polyester material that is non-abrasive, durable and strong. The cleaning formulation is safe for the chain and has lubricating properties to help maintain the chain’s longevity. Simply grab the chain with the wipe and spin the pedals a few times. Clean chain – smooth ride.

globalbike™ BODY Wipes
Available in a canister or individual packs, presaturated globalbike BODY Wipes are convenient and can be stored anywhere, including your jersey pocket or desk drawer. This luxury wipe is soft and durable, leaving cyclists feeling clean, refreshed, and ready to hit the road, office, grab lunch, or just sit and enjoy time with friends. No water necessary, simply wipe and go. And, this product is compostable and biodegradable.

globalbike™ HAND & TOOL Wipes                                                                
The presaturated globalbike HAND & TOOL Wipes are a convenient hand cleaner/scrubber combination that eliminates the need for water or towels. One side of the wipe has a rough texture for deep cleaning while the other side is smooth for general purpose cleaning. It removes grease, dirt, tar, ink and many other hard to remove soils without the use of harsh solvents (VOC’s). These presaturated wipes condition hands with glycerin, aloe vera, jojoba, vitamin E and wheat germ extract. Cleaning your hands before helping a customer is now quick and easy.

Click here for more information about globalbike Wipes.

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