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Fish-D-Funk Wipes: Hand Wipes that Remove Fish Odors

New Fish-D-Funk™ Hand Wipes for fisherman remove unpleasant fish odors, help you catch more fish.

June 25, 2013 - Contec, Inc. introduces two new hand wipes made specifically for fisherman under the Fish-D-Funk™ brand. The first Fish-D-Funk product is a fish odor removal hand wipe that removes the unpleasant fish stink that cause fisherman to smell like fish after handling fish. The second Fish-D-Funk wipe product is a fishing hand wipe designed to remove your human scent before handling bate or lure. This allows you to catch more fish! Both products are bait-friendly. They will not harm your bait or contaminate bait wells.

Both the Fish Odor Removal and the Fishing Hand Wipe products feature revolutionary Double Down™ Technology which combines odor neutralization and odor counteraction at the molecular level. No other product features both technologies together. The result is products that will “kill the stink” more effectively.

So you’ve caught a bunch of fish and it’s time for lunch. Your sandwich just doesn’t taste the same when all you smell is fish slime. Or, you’re done cleaning fish and don’t want to smell like it. Fish-D-Funk Odor Removal Wipes remove the unpleasant fish odor that causes fisherman to smell like fish after handling fish.

Says Charter Captain Rick Kellemeyer, “Fish-D-Funk Wipes have replaced both antibacterial hand sanitizers and lemon juice as my ‘go-to’ way to get the smell of both game fish and bait fish off of my hands. My wife is much happier when I come home from a day of fishing, and don’t smell like fish. The other great attribute of the Fish-D-Funk Wipes, especially for live bait fishermen, is they have no ill effects on the health of your baitfish. I have actually put the wipes into my bait tank with Black-Blue Herring, Gizzard Shad, Alewives, Threadfin Shad and Shiners, and they do not affect them in any way.”

Scientists believe that fish can smell very few parts per million. This means they may smell you on bait or a lure you’ve handled. If you want to catch more fish, Fish-D-Funk Fishing Hand Wipes will increase your odds by keeping your hands clean. As humans, we emit human scent. We also touch the motor, snacks and other items that fish may smell. Cleaning your hands with Fish-D-Funk Fishing Hand Wipes keeps your bait/lures natural and scent-free.

Both Fish-D-Funk Odor Removal Wipes and Fishing Hand Wipes are available in either a 30-wipes plastic dispensing canister or individual wipe packets which are easy to take along in the boat, put in a tackle box, or leave next to the sink! The wipes themselves are premium quality wipes – they will not fall apart as you use them and, at 6 inches x 8 inches, they’re plenty big to get the job done.

Click here for more information on Fish-D-Funk wipes!

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