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Athletix® Introduces Floor Mop for Gym & Fitness Market

No more using bulky mop buckets and dirty re-launderable mops that can spread harmful contaminants again. New to the Athletix Products™ line of innovative cleaning and disinfecting solutions, the Athletix Floor Mop provides a simple and effective way to clean gym floors. The economical thermoplastic and aluminum mop is lightweight, reducing operator fatigue, and takes the guesswork out of measuring and mixing your chemicals. For added efficiency, use with alcohol-free Athletix Cleaner Spray solution packets that cleans and neutralizes odors, and is safe for use on both delicate and heavy-duty gym equipment. Simply pour the solution packet contents into the 32 oz. refillable dispensing bottle and fill with water. No measuring needed. Ensures proper dilution every time. The bottle is easily removable, making it easy to rinse clean.

Use with Athletix PREMIRA® II Single Use Microfiber Pads for added convenience, speed, and effectiveness. Compatible with most cleaning hardware, the disposable pads eliminate the possibility of cross contamination and germs. When your gym is clean and safe, your members are satisfied and healthy. Ideal for use in locker rooms, steam rooms, and quickly turning studio rooms in between classes. For floor use only.

To learn more about the Athletix Floor Mop and other health facility maintenance products, visit booth #949 at the Athletic Business Conference in New Orleans November 19-20.

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