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Fitness Facility Cleaning - Are You Using the Right Products?

You’re a gym or studio owner or facility maintenance professional. You have the equipment, the staff, and the clients. How do you ensure that your investment in your team and machines is well spent, and that your patrons are kept as healthy as possible while at your athletic facility? Consistent facility and equipment cleaning and disinfecting programs are key. Offering the right products to your clients can provide them with peace of mind and keep your facility clean, and you can stop wondering if the equipment is becoming damaged over time. Often, misguided information about what chemical to use where and when can have costly downsides in the long run. Overly worn or out-of-commission equipment can lead to client dissatisfaction (by waiting for equipment in working order) and decreased cleanliness perception.

Athletix Products has specifically designed equipment cleaning and disinfecting products for overcoming these challenges. We make it easy for you to implement proper cleaning and disinfecting protocols, depending on your specific application needs. We have world-class research and development facilities, staffed by top-notch scientists and chemists who have already solved many of the problems facing health and wellness facility owners and equipment manufacturers.

Gym Cleaning Equipment

Jeff Rossen tests free weights for germs in a Today Show news story.

To efficiently clean and disinfect, and to get the maximum usage out of products, facilities should review their current cleaning and disinfecting procedures. It is important to use the right product in the right place at the right time. Don’t be misled on how to use a product. Instructions are provided on the federally governed EPA reviewed label, and all manufacturers are required to make these available to you upon request. Facility owners should buy products from a reputable company that has expert knowledge of their products and technical support that can guide them in their purchases, creating a cleaning and disinfecting plan that is specific to their facility. Athletix Products offers our expertise and experience, and stands behind all our products. Ask us to explain the differences in chemistries and uses for our Athletix Equipment Cleaner Wipes and Athletix Disinfectant Wipes.

Do you know where and what germs are living and thriving on your gym equipment? See Today Show’s article and video clip on “Germs in gyms: Which popular machine is the germiest?”.

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