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Learn the Truth about Buffered Phenol and o-Phenylphenol

There is confusing information going around phenol-based and phenylphenol disinfectants. To clarify the record, phenols are found in various chemistries, including household items, each with different safety profiles.

The Athletix™ Disinfectants product Sporicidin®Disinfectants are EPA registered, alcohol free, and are made with a buffered phenol used to create sodium phenate, the same active ingredient system that has been used in the original formulation of the popular throat spray Chloraseptic®. This chemistry is clearly safe enough to be FDA approved for use as a throat spray...can the competition say that about their chemistry?

We agree with information out in the industry, O-phenylphenate (OPP) has been identified as carcinogenic and is now banned in the state of California (Prop. 65 list). It is very important to note, however, that THIS IS NOT THE PRODUCT CHEMISTRY USED IN SPORICIDIN PRODUCTS! Sporicidin products are registered in all 50 states and territories as well as many countries globally.

Dr. Robert Schattner, who was also the founder of Chloraseptic, developed the phenol in Sporicidin brand disinfecting products. Dr. Schattner saw a need for a safe, yet effective, disinfectant technology. Sporicidin Disinfectant Solution and Towelettes are products that has been trusted and used in homes, dental and medical facilities, and various other industries for over 30 years. They do not contain o-phenylphenol, but are created with sodium phenate from buffered phenol.

Athletix Products™ by Contec is excited to bring Sporicidin Products to the health and wellness industries, to protect against a broad range of bacteria and viruses – including MRSA and the Asian flu. Find your Sporicidin product here today!

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