Athletix Products

Developed for health clubs, gyms, wellness centers and athletic facilities, Athletix Products Equipment cleaning gym wipes and Disinfectant wipes are effective, affordable, easy to use and safe for heavy-duty as well as delicate exercise equipment. For high-traffic gyms, Contec Foam Hand Sanitizer helps to stop the spread of germs. See more Athletix Products…

Athletix™ Equipment Cleaner

Unique alcohol-free product designed to effectively clean exercise equipment prior to use

Athletix™ Guide Rod Wipes

Clean, protect and lubricate guide rods, eliptical tracks and seat slides

Athletix™ Disinfectant Wipes

Athletix Disinfectant Wipes in a preloaded bucket

Contec® Alcohol-free Foam Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol-free and triclosan-free foam hand sanitizer

Dispensers and Stands

Whether wall-mounted, free-standing or multi-functional, we have a dispenser or stand that is perfect for your facility. Several durable, sturdy options are available…

Bucket Dispenser

Simple, economical, reusable bucket

Wall-mounted Dispenser

Mountable dispensing unit

Stainless Steel Floor Stand

Dispenser and receptacle stand

Wire Floor Stand

Freestanding wire stand

Acrylic Sign Holder

8.5" x 11" sign holder

globalbike Products

Athletix Products introduces presaturated wipes formulated specifically for the cycling market. These lubricating and cleaning wipes will radically change the way cyclists maintain their chains, help cyclists remove the dirt, sweat and grime of the road or trail, and aid bike shop owners and employees with their efforts to “keep a clean house.” Learn more…

globalbike™ Body Wipes

Soft, durable wipe is available scented or unscented.

globalbike ™ Hand and Tool Wipes

Dual texture to remove soils and protect skin.

globalbike™ Chain Wipes

Convenient wipe cleans and helps maintain your bike chain

globalbike™ Gear Cleaning Cord

Flexible cord for the tightest areas

RealTree Products

Designed for the hunter and outdoor enthusiast, Realtree Hunting Wipes from Athletix Products come in several scents plus odor control formula. For fast tool cleanup, use Realtree Hand & Gear wipes. And for convenient and effective gun cleaning and maintenance, choose Realtree Gun Wipes. View our entire Realtree product line…

Team Realtree® Gun Wipes

Cleans and lubricates firearms and fishing reels

Team Realtree® Foam Hand Sanitizer

Sanitize hands with no rinsing

Team Realtree® Refreshing Wipes

Safely cleans with a refreshing scent

Team Realtree® Hunting Wipes

Dual-action formula counteracts and masks human scent

Team Realtree® Hand and Gear Wipes

Removes grease, grime and debris with no water!


Removes fish and bait smell from hands and gear

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