Athletix™ Cleaner Spray

Perspiration and other contaminates lingering on the surfaces of gym and fitness equipment can lead to mildew and unpleasant odors. Some cleaners and deodorizers currently used in facilities contain harsh chemicals that might not be compatible with your facility, its equipment, or your members. Athletix Cleaner Spray's chemistry is member-friendly and safe for repeated use on the equipment and surfaces found in your facility. 

Developed for your facility in easy-to-use concentrate packets. Simply tear packet at the perforated line, pour contents into spray bottle, fill to the line with water, and you are ready to clean and deodorize. Removing grime and odors left behind on equipment improves the member experience, keeping your members safe and satisfied. Ideal for yoga mat cleaning.

Part #DescriptionPackagingSample
Starter Kit (3 bottles with triggers, 25 Athletix Cleaner Spray packets)1 each/case
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Athletix Cleaner Spray refill packets, 1.6 fl. oz. (47.3ml)25 packets/box, 6 boxes/case
32 oz. bottle and trigger, empty6 bottles, 6 triggers/case
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