Contec Floor Mop

Never mop your floors and mats with relaunderable mops that can contain harmful contaminants. The Contec Floor Mop allows for even solution application every time, and the lightweight construction glides easily across health club floor surfaces when used wet or dry. The ergonomically-friendly mop design is compatible with cost-effective, patent-pending PREMIRA II Disposable Microfiber Pads that have excellent pickup and eliminate cross-contamination, unlike cotton, rayon and other laundered mops. The economical pads eliminate laundering, making the mopping process more efficient.

The Contec Floor Mop increases both member and employee satisfaction-the facility is clean, and employees are able to clean faster and more effectively. The Contec Floor Mop is great for use in restrooms, steam rooms, locker rooms, and for quickly turning studio rooms in between classes.

For increased cleaning efficiency, try using the Contec Floor Mop with our Athletix Cleaner Spray (part no. XWES0625) as your cleaner and deodorizer mop solution. The spray packets (1.6 fl. oz.) are designed for the 32 ounce dispensing tank.

Part #DescriptionPackagingSample
PREMIRA II Disposable Microfiber Pad, 5" x 9" (13 x 48cm)20 each/bundle, 12 bundles/case
Contec Floor Mop System (mop hardware, QuickConnect mop head frame, Premira Hygienic Backer Plate)1 each/case
PREMIRA Hygienic Backer Plate, 4" x 16" (10 x 40cm)4 each/bag, 1 bag/case
QuickConnect Aluminum Mop Head, 4" x 16" (10 x 41cm)1 each/case
QuickConnect mop head frame, 11.5" (29cm), stainless steel1 each/case
Athletix Cleaner Spray packets, 1.6 fl. oz. (47ml)25 each/box, 6 boxes/case
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